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The new Audi A8 L

Forget the car. Audi is more. Presenting the future of luxury class – the new Audi A8. The award-winning (World Luxury Car 2018) new Audi A8 comes with a new design language, an innovative touchscreen operating concept and intuitive interior technologies and functions.

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Wheel: Cast alloy wheels, 15-spoke style, 9J x 19 with 255-45 R19 tyres


Eucalyptus, Natural grey brown
Eucalyptus, Natural grey brown
Fine grain ash, Natural grey brown
Fine grain ash, Natural grey brown
Lime artefact, Natural grey brown
Lime artefact, Natural grey brown
Walnut, Natural
Walnut, Natural
Popular, Brown silver
Popular, Brown silver
Valcona leather, Merlot Red
Valcona leather, Merlot Red
Valcona leather, Nutmeg Brown
Valcona leather, Nutmeg Brown
Valcona leather, Saiga Beige
Valcona leather, Saiga Beige
Valcona leather, Sard Brown
Valcona leather, Sard Brown
Valcona leather, Black
Valcona leather, Black

Prestige and dynamism

With a statuesque silhouette and striking LED lights, the A8 L makes its presence known on the road.

A heavyweight with a lightweight construction

The new Audi A8 L stands for innovative lightweight construction technology. The multi-material space-frame design means its body weighs less on the scales while at the same time, rigidity is increased by one third.

Efficiency as standard

The Audi A8 L is a mild hybrid. This combination of an internal combustion engine, a 48-volt water-cooled belt starter generator, and a powerful lithium-ion battery will be available as standard for the first time. This new unit is the basis of a whole series of improvements, which are mainly characterised by greater efficiency and increased driving comfort. The Belt Starter Generator (BSG) plays a double role: It operates as an electric motor or as an alternator. In its first function, it provides a propulsion torque of a considerable 60 Newton metres. These are utilised in the Audi A8 L for a unique function: When you reach your target speed, the combustion is switched off for up to 40 seconds between 30 and 160 km/h – for comfortable, quiet, and emission-free sailing. The BSG has enough power to restart the engine at any time. You touch the accelerator pedal – and the engine immediately kicks into action. The generator even has its advantages during deceleration: together with the powerful battery above the rear axle, it enables a more intense recuperation. This way spent energy is fed back to the vehicle. In many situations, this recovery is even more efficient than the mentioned sailing – thus the A8 L drive management constantly monitors and evaluates the situation.

The Mild hybrid in numbers

Additional torque up to
On-board power supply
Emission-free sailing up to

Dynamic all-wheel steering

Each speed entails different steering requirements: while in the lower range it is about manageability, later, apart from agility, it is mainly about stability. From a technical point of view, there is also a contrast which has often led to concessions, meaning that it is always one aspect of steering or response behaviour that has become the focus. The dynamic four-wheel steering now decisively resolves this eternal compromise. It combines dynamic steering on the front and rear axle with a central control unit. Their algorithm translates the steering movement into respectively optimal wheel angles as a function of the current speed. This achieves a comprehensive handling improvement: Your steering effort is considerably reduced when turning and parking – the vehicle’s turning circle is noticeably scaled down via mutual steering of the rear wheels. You can enjoy sporty mobility, and riding like on rails at up to 120 km/h. Beyond this point, the required steering angles are again reduced, leading to relaxed and stable driving behaviour on motorways.

Fascinatingly intelligent

The A8 L is our most technologically advanced model. It is packed with intelligent technologies that keep you safe, in control and comfortable. The A8 L also considers the comfort of the passengers. With the rear seat remote, passengers are able to change the temperature or their seat position. The future of driving begins here.

Get there better with greater safety

You can remain at your calmest in the Audi A8 L. There is an abundance of networked systems at your fingertips. This intelligent network of sensors and algorithms supports you in almost any driving situation, and makes the ride even more comfortable, more in your command, and safer. There are up to 41 assistance systems that recognise and evaluate the environment during the journey. These assistance systems provide you with additional information as and when required, and take action in the event of an emergency.

Elegance in a new light

With the multi-coloured ambient lighting package, the interior of the A8 L uses advanced fibre optics to allow you to tailor a unique atmosphere. Enhancing the superbly finished interior, owners can choose from six predefined colour profiles, or create their own custom profile from a choice of 30 additional colours.

This is how the future feels

The traditional elegance of the A8 L’s interior integrates seamlessly with the latest technologies to create the perfect synergy of comfort and functionality. Intuitive in operation, the A8 L employs touch screens to control a vast array of vehicle functions. The haptic and acoustic feedback gives this state-of-the-art technology a very ‘real’ feel, while reducing the number of buttons and controls required in the cabin. Many functions can be controlled via the latest speech recognition technology, that recognises natural dialogues rather than relying on a databank of accepted terms.

More customised

The Audi MMI touch response in the Audi A8: intuitive operation in exceptional quality.
The Audi MMI touch response in the Audi A8 L: intuitive operation in exceptional quality. A large number of settings are stored in your personal profile in the car, such as ergonomic, infotainment or suspension settings. These include the seat position, the position of the steering column and the position of the mirrors. Up to seven personal profiles can be created in the car, and most recent profile used is assigned to the vehicle key upon getting out of and locking the car. When unlocking the A8 L, a personalised greeting appears on the Audi virtual cockpit and the settings are then loaded for the personal profile assigned to the vehicle key.


functions can be customized
driver assistance systems
material and colour schemes

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