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A real character. The new Q2.

Whether on an off-road adventure or for everyday driving in a big city – the new Audi Q2 is the all-rounder. The new Audi Q2 takes to the stage – an urban type with sharp edges, a unique character and an entirely new geometrical design vocabulary. Its furnishing leaves nothing to be desired, and consists of features that were previously reserved for the luxury class. And the connectivity? Exemplary, with the latest generation of infotainment and sound systems.

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The LED headlights in the Audi Q2

Discover innovative design and marvel at diverse functions.

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Whether for adventures off the beaten track or for everyday life in the big city – the Audi Q2 is the prefect all-rounder. You can find more images and supplementary products for the new SUV model from Audi here.

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Exploring #scandinavia with the Audi Q2.

The Audi Q2 likes to play with colours and design elements - for more flexibility and individuality. The C-pillar blade is in a contrasting colour and available in ice silver metallic. This option is, for example, a perfect compliment to the newly available Quantum Grey paint colour.

Value inside and outside.

Power stations and aesthetics. This electricity plant in the Södermalm district of the Swedish capital proves that the two are not mutually exclusive. Graffiti is not the only thing decorating the red façade made from special concrete: green bronze doors by the artist Mikael Pauli also make an appearance. The building was added to the old, listed Katarina stations in 1992. It has a fascinating exterior that defies the norm. The Audi Q2 defines its own standards: As a newcomer the expressive vehicle arrives with many innovative technologies, a new, impressive design language and a fun way to drive.

Outside of the box.

The new Audi Q2 does not try to fit in: it defines its own standards. It has this in common with the Central Hotel & Café in Copenhagen. The hashtag #smallesthotel would not do justice to its charm. A compact floor plan does not mean that you automatically have to give up, as long as you have the right ideas and attention to detail. In the Danish capital, or more precisely in Vesterbro, on the top floor of the small building, this can experienced in an impressive way. Kind of cool, kind of stylish, somehow "hyggelig" as the Danes say - or simply: #untaggable.

Leading the pack.

The Superkilen quarter in Copenhagen's north-west combines different cultural influences in a combination of architecture, design and landscaping. The Audi Q2 does not belong to the permanent installations, of course, but it fits in all the same. Its design also brings together a range of different influences. The ground clearance of an SUV meets the short overhangs of a sports car and the roofline of a coupé. Its progressive design and high functionality is convincing. The high positioning of the single-frame grille and the large air intakes at the front lend a strong appearance. The polygonal design language, the blade in a contrasting colour on the C-pillar and the gently sloping roof underline character and individuality, while the diffuser with underride protection optics and accented wheel arches give the new model a sturdy appearance.